Advanced Investment Strategies

Includes advanced investing tips, catchup wealth building strategies and advanced investment techniques beyond passive index investing

Alternative Wealth Solutions

  Consistently saving money and investing it in stocks and bonds builds wealth over many years. The problem is that this strategy usually takes at least two decades, and most people don’t begin this discipline until it’s too late to save enough to retire comfortably.   Alternative wealth solutions exist, however, for anyone willing to think and invest outside the …

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Advanced Investment Strategies You May Not Hear from Your Advisor

Many investors want to be more strategic with their investments but don’t want more risk. And sometimes getting ahead means not doing what everyone else is doing.   Advanced investment strategies are less common among individual investors, but they are what the wealthy do.   For example: Is tycoon Mark Cuban investing with a standard asset allocation into stocks and bonds? It’s highly unlikely. We know …

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12 “Slightly” Alternative Retirement Investment Strategies 

If you’re concerned that investing in traditional stocks and bonds with a common asset allocation won’t provide a comfortable retirement for life, you’re not alone. We had those same concerns over a decade ago, along with millions of other investors over 50, and here’s what we discovered.   Alternative retirement investment strategies can result in higher …

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What Will Stocks Do Over the Next 10 Years?

Updated October 7, 2019 At the end of the strong bull market of the 1990’s, a few brave financial experts predicted the next decade would not be a good one for stock investors.  What will stocks do over the next 10 years? Ray Dalio, Warren Buffett, Rob Arnott, Liz Ann Sonders and John Bogle have told us what …

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Stocks That Went Up in 2008 | Plus ETFs, Bonds, Gold

Toward the end of bull markets, it’s smart to see what stocks went up in past bear markets for recession proof investment ideas. Stocks that went up in 2008 include Dollar Tree, Amgen, Hasbro, Dwight & Church, Celgene, Gilead, Walmart, McDonald’s, Ross Stores, Budweiser, AutoZone and H&R Block. Stocks going up while the market is …

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What Goes Up When Stocks Go Down? 7 Hedging Assets

One of the best ways to lower stock market risk is by owning assets that go up when stocks go down. What goes up when stocks go down? Treasury bonds and gold are the sectors that go up when stocks go down most often but there are a few more possibilities. During bull markets, it’s …

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Best Assets to Build Wealth | Charts, Videos, Calculator

If your net worth isn’t where you want it to be, you may be wondering how you can build wealth in a way that won’t take decades. The best assets to build wealth fall into two categories, almost all quality assets that can be bought at low valuations, and assets that can be created. After …

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How to Buy Assets That Generate Income

If you’re approaching retirement, that anticipated time when you can live off investments or at least work fewer hours own your schedule, you’re probably transitioning to income investing. You may be wondering how to buy assets that generate income. The way you buy income generating assets depends on the type of asset you’re buying. For example, …

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Problems with Covered Calls

Covered calls can be an excellent way to increase income from stocks but like all investments, covered calls aren’t perfect. The problems with covered calls include stock market risk, company risk, high capital, missing capital gains, taxes, and management. It is my belief that the benefits far outweigh the problems with covered calls for income …

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Are Covered Calls a Good Strategy?

In this time of low dividend yields, increasing stock income by selling call options on stocks you already own sounds pretty appealing to yield hungry investors. Are covered calls a good strategy? Selling covered calls increases income significantly while decreasing risk making them an excellent income strategy for stock investors.  In fact, you can add …

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How to Increase Net Worth Before Retirement [Videos]

Most advice for how to increase net worth is geared toward investors with decades to save and compound wealth in the stock market. If you’re an investor over 50, it could be too late for that strategy before retirement. But you can increase net worth by taking advantage of cycles in stocks or real estate, …

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