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Retire Certain is a website that provides strategies and solutions for people over 50 to have the income and funds to retire comfortably from both traditional and alternative investments.

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Our Story

Following a startling late midlife realization that we weren’t on track to support our comfortable lifestyle for life from traditional stock and bond investments, 2 giant bear markets in one decade, and all time low interest rates, my husband and I began an adventure to create diversified income streams from stocks, real estate rentals and online businesses.

Within a few years, this endeavor completely replaced job income, began supporting our nice lifestyle completely and allowed us to work when and where we wanted. In this process, we pursued lifelong passions and capitalized on areas of expertise from previous careers while creating long term income streams.

But we were really confused about how to get started. Along the way, we’ve made lots of mistakes and learned a ton. What we learned on this journey is the inspiration for this website.

About the Creator and Author at Retire Certain

Welcome to my website. I’m Camille Gaines, an Accredited Financial Counselor®, author of an Amazon Best Selling personal finance book, Earn Grow, Give, and online entrepreneur. I bought my first mutual fund when I was twenty one, and have personally invested in thousands of stocks, hundreds of funds of all types, hired and worked with multiple financial advisors, bought hedge funds, sold covered calls, launched and run online businesses and bought and managed real estate.

As you may have guessed, I actually enjoy writing, investing and running online businesses. It’s my passion.

Larry, my husband, is well known for his successful option trading education programs at PowerCycleTrading.com and trading software he developed, after well over thirty years as a professional commodities and options trader.

Maybe like you, we were taught that financial independence came from saving enough money for our investment accounts to allow us to withdraw 4% a year during retirement, thereby spending down our life long savings. This somewhat unappealing plan, plus social security would allow us to retire comfortably IF we cut back our spending and slowly depleted our savings. 

This has worked well for a lot of investors, but we didn’t want to count on it. And who really wants to live on less as they get older?

While a nice diversified portfolio in stocks and bonds is a solid foundation for long-term wealth accumulation, we discovered that financial independence came from having alternative income streams to completely fund our lifestyle, leaving our investments to grow as much as possible.

The reality is that even one or two million dollars in stocks and bonds don’t generate much income. Plus, your investment capital goes through unexpected bear markets every few years, adding to the uncertainty of having funds for life.

“All time lows” of anything means we are in unprecedented times, which calls for a new of thinking because old strategies simply don’t work for most investors during unprecedented times. Plus, Fed monetary intervention is usually inflationary, and we have seen unprecedented amounts of it since 2008.

Late Midlife Discoveries:

  1. Depleting our investment accounts to live didn’t seem like a good idea, especially early in “retirement”. There was guilt and fear triggered from spending down our hard-earned savings to pay for our desired lifestyle. Gradually, we created alternative income streams to fund lifestyle expenses without having to spend savings, beginning with real estate rentals in 2005, adding stock dividends and covered calls, and then moving into online businesses.
  2. Unrealized potential begged for attention in late midlife. I started a website in 2007 to write about my interest in investing. This led to several websites over the following years. We found this was a great learning experience that has kept us marketable and provided many opportunities as well as steady income.
  3. Diversification beyond traditional retirement methods in simple stock and bond indices can provide tax benefits, inflation hedges and exceptional opportunities that are outside of traditional investment strategies.
  4. It’s ideal to have a portion of money that is passively building wealth in a tactical low risk stock and bond (plus a few other asset classes) portfolio and a portion of money for alternative income streams.

Here, I write about what we learned and continue to learn on this financial independence and income stream adventure. We’re excited to share resources and unbiased information with you that we find valuable based on over seventy combined years (yikes!) of personally investing in stocks, bonds and real estate, and now over twenty combined years as online entrepreneurs.

My humble mission is to inspire and motivate others who may feel as though they’ll never be able to maintain their standard of living in retirement.

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