About Camille Gaines, AFC

Short Bio:

Camille Gaines, AFC, provides financial coaching and develops related training with a focus on investing and retirement.

Longer Bio:

Camille Gaines provides financial coaching with a focus on the following areas:

  • Near and long term financial goals for a desired lifestyle
  • Preparing for retirement
  • “Extra” or retirement income from both alternative and traditional methods
  • Investment education

While Camille holds an AFC (Accredited Financial Counselor) credential, her work is heavily influenced by her own trials and tribulations as an investor for over 40 years “in just about everything”, including stocks, bonds, funds (index, ETFs, mutual, hedge, institutional), real estate and even small business. Camille is able to provide a unique and unbiased voice that others seek since she does not sell financial advisory services, although she personally hired and monitored several financial advisors before becoming a self-directed investor again over 15 years ago.

Her work emphasizes everyone must choose how to invest, and whether to self-invest or hire a financial advisor based on their own interests, skills, and assets, but always from a place of confidence and knowledge of the many options available to individual investors now.

Camille’s Story

After saving and investing in stocks through her employer’s retirement plan, Camille bought her first home at age 25, which went on to become a long term rental property. Years later, she became the “family investor and CFO”  after finding she craved the mental stimulation provided in her previous accounting and commercial real estate careers following a bold move to Bermuda for her husband’s work.

Today Camille walks her talk by investing and managing a tactical portfolio in stocks, bonds, and other defensive assets, along with rental properties, and investments in both her own and other’s small businesses. Through her work, she loves helping others move investing to the top of their priority list after they better understand how it can provide funds for life as well as fulfillment and financial security when done from a place of knowledge.

Camille lives in Austin with her family and their big white labrador retriever. She confesses addictions to artichokes, meditation, porch swings, and, of course, analyzing investments.

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Camille Gaines AFC






Certifications and Education:

Accredited Financial Counselor®   – Current since 2014 (Documentation below)

Bachelor of Business Administration, Minor in Accounting – University of Mississippi

RampCorp Entrepreneur Program for Women – Texas State University