Alternative Income Investments

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New Retirement Strategies

The old model of retirement no longer works for a lot of people who want to live well in retirement.  Old retirement strategies include basics like delaying social security, working longer and part time employment. But, fortunately, there are now some more innovative and lucrative retirement strategies that can be a real godsend for retirees.   Many millennials are already using some of these new retirement …

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Alternative Wealth Solutions

  Consistently saving money and investing it in stocks and bonds builds wealth over many years. The problem is that this strategy usually takes at least two decades, and most people don’t begin this discipline until it’s too late to save enough to retire comfortably.   Alternative wealth solutions exist, however, for anyone willing to think and invest outside the …

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12 “Slightly” Alternative Retirement Investment Strategies 

If you’re concerned that investing in traditional stocks and bonds with a common asset allocation won’t provide a comfortable retirement for life, you’re not alone. We had those same concerns over a decade ago, along with millions of other investors over 50, and here’s what we discovered.   Alternative retirement investment strategies can result in higher …

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When to Switch from Growth to Income [With Videos]

Growth investing is usually done during an investor’s high income years while income investing is usually done during retirement, but the best time to transition from growth to income can be unclear. If you’re wondering when to switch from growth to income investments, the answer depends on several factors including net worth, income sources, wealth …

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How to Buy Assets That Generate Income

If you’re approaching retirement, that anticipated time when you can live off investments or at least work fewer hours own your schedule, you’re probably transitioning to income investing. You may be wondering how to buy assets that generate income. The way you buy income generating assets depends on the type of asset you’re buying. For example, …

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The Best Income Stream to Start Before Retirement

If you’re concerned about having enough income to live comfortably in retirement, you may want to start one or more income streams beforehand but you’re not sure where to start. To choose the best income stream to start before retirement, consider your desired income, eventual capital gain, acceptable risk and lifestyle. It’s easy to get …

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Problem - Solution

Problems with Covered Calls

Covered calls can be an excellent way to increase income from stocks but like all investments, covered calls aren’t perfect. The problems with covered calls include stock market risk, company risk, high capital, missing capital gains, taxes, and management. It is my belief that the benefits far outweigh the problems with covered calls for income …

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Income Producing Assets That Shine

Are you searching for income producing assets that pay you consistently, often, and much more than the low dividend rate that you get from a stock portfolio nowadays? In this article, I’ll share with you 9 income producing assets. We are currently using all but one of these income producing assets as of this post, …

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