Media Appearances

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Here are some of Camille’s Media Appearances:

Business Insider – My move to Bermuda for my husband’s job by Robin Madell

Yahoo Finance – How Much You Need To Have Saved To Spend $50K, $75K and $100K a Year in Retirement by Andrew Lisa

Yahoo Finance – 7 Expensive Items That Are a Waste of Money According to Financial Experts – by Jacob Wade

MSN Money – 5 Key Signs You’re Keeping Too Much Money in Your Savings Account by Andrew Lisa

Yahoo Finance – I’m a Financial Planning Expert: Don’t Make These 4 Impulse Purchases If You Want To Be Rich by Financial Writer Andrew Lisa

Yahoo Finance – 6 Signs You Could Be on Track to Being a Millionaire by Andrew Lisa 

Mind Body Green – 3 Signs You’re Ready For Investing + How To Get Started, From The Pros by Sheryl Nance-Nash

Go Banking Rates – Experts: You Face These Risks If Nearly All Your Money Is In Stocks by Andrew Lisa

U.S. News and World Report – How to Retire on 500K by personal finance and retirement journalist Rachel Hartman

Yahoo Finance – 9 Business Ideas That Require No Expertise — Some Can Make You $100K by Nicole Spector

Go Banking Rates – 3 Baby Boomer Money Mistakes That Gen Z Must Learn From by Andrew Lisa

Go Banking Rates – I’m a Financial Planning Expert: Don’t Make These 4 Impulse Purchases If You Want To Be Rich by personal finance writer Heather Taylor

Nationwide – Print publication

Austin Woman – The Path to Financial Independence

Texas Conference for Women – Setting Financial Goals to Create the Life You Want – 13 Ways to Up Your Financial Game

Austin Woman – January 2016, Page 28

Life Mastery Radio – Manifesting Money with Camille Gaines

It’s Your Business by JJ Ramberg, Lisa Everson and Frank Silverstein

Women Accessing Capital Speaker – Increase Your Financial Health – The 5 Steps to Grow Your Money

Don’t Mess with Taxes – Talking Taxes with Camille Gaines – Budgeting website for women

Women Accessing Capital – Smart Steps to Launch Your Own Business with a Small Amount of Capital

Women Accessing Capital – Improving Cash Flow – Strategies for Increasing Income

NACWE – Plan a Rich Life: 5 Key Steps Every Woman Must Take