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How to Retire When You Want and Fund Your Desired Lifestyle

Whether you call it financial independence, financial freedom, or having enough money to retire, this is about having enough money to live the way you want, when you want, and thereafter

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Optional Module for Those Who Do or Might Use a Financial Advisor:

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I am so confident now about what I am doing with my investing. Before I was just doing things to do them. I thought I was a good investor because I was doing things, but I was doing it without the knowledge that I have now.

- Yvette, Tech Early Retiree

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Why would you listen to me?

Not to come across as thinking I’m something special; I’m really not, I just enjoy investing and came to appreciate it early in life which led to decades of immersion learning everything about investing.

The reality is I’m different from most financial educators, though, and here’s why.


While I am an AFC© (Accredited Financial Counselor), and I’ve read hundreds of books, taken dozens of investing courses on a wide variety of topics, my work is more about what I’ve learned as a hands on investor…

Through the pains and gains of real life investing

In both wonderful bulls & long nasty bear markets

During recessions, economic growth, & high & low inflation

I’ve also…

-Invested in just about everything, including hundreds of stock positions, all types of funds ranging from hedge funds to mutual funds and everything in between, both individual bonds and bond funds, REITs, MLPs, and more.

-Invested in alternative investments, including startups, real estate, and online business.

-Interviewed, hired, and monitored 10 financial advisors for family members over the years. 

In this process, I learned a lot, including what really works, what doesn’t work so well, and why.

Then I summarized 40 years of investing lessons into this 10 hour program, both the painful learning experiences as well as the lessons and actions that resulted in financial independence.

How Is This Program Different?

Most financial courses teach an over simplified asset allocation template developed and heavily promoted by the $23 billion financial services industry.

These programs will teach you about the traditional investing method used by:

  1. You guessed it: most of the $23 billion financial services industry
  2. Or by investors who have never invested through terribly challenging economic conditions

This popular method puts a percent of money into stocks and a percent into bonds based on elementary information about the investor, such as age. The “advanced” version of this model may add real estate or commodities to portfolios, but more often than not, such programs teach investing in stocks and bonds only, unfortunately.

This model can perform fairly well when it works.

But unfortunately, past return data clearly proves this model only works well under certain economic conditions.

 In other words:

  • This simple model works until it doesn’t
  • And most investors simply don’t know what they don’t know… yet

Most investing courses don’t teach this truth even though it’s confirmed by return data (and numbers don’t lie!)

They teach what is promoted in the financial services industry because it has worked well for the past few decades.

And because investors have been led to believe this is what they “should do”.

Plus, this over simplified method is what most of the financial services industry have built their empires around.

It’s even how many financial advisors still invest.

And, quite frankly, it has worked well during many years, so much so that most investors still swear it’s the holy grail of investing.  

This program is different in that explains the different ways investing can be done, not just the oversimplified (and risky) version taught by most investing programs.

You’re going to learn when and why this popular model does and doesn’t work, and what can be done about it.

As much as I would love to only teach the oversimplified template, I refuse.

That’s why I’ve noted here that this program requires effort and is for investors who want to become intermediate to advanced investors.

If this isn’t you, a program on the over simplified method might be of more interest to you… although it may come at a huge cost.

But there’s a twist:

We will start with the over simplified method because it’s the foundation for all investing; I call it “basic white sauce”.

Then we build upon it to more advanced levels. 


Why Not Just Hire A Financial Advisor?

Some of my clients like working with financial advisors. 

I’m not anti advisor…. I AM against paying high fees for subpar returns because I’ve been there and done that.

In reality, using a financial advisor is a method for investing.  

Let me share a little analogy that applies to choosing ANY investing product or method, including financial advisory services.  

If you were going to buy a new car, and you had zero knowledge of the existence of car brands, would it be wise to go only to a Kia dealer for a car?

If you did, you wouldn’t have any idea how a Kia compared to a Toyota…or a Tesla.

You couldn’t measure the results because you weren’t aware of your other options.

Yet this is how most people are with one of, if not the most important purchase of their lives: the investment method they use for their core portfolio.

There are no shortcuts to truly understanding investing at the level this program teaches.

If you want to use a financial advisor or any other investing method, though, it just makes sense to be able to evaluate the after cost performance of that method in comparison to other methods.

You will be able to do all of this like a pro after this program.

Why Am I Doing This?

I define retirement as leaving my full time grind working for someone else (which I did eons ago).

But retirement was boring to me. I like mental stimulation (and you probably do too if you’re here).

And, like most people, I also want to contribute to society.

When I asked myself how I could contribute to society in the most meaningful way, the answer was sharing something I’ve learned and gotten pretty good at over the years.

You probably have one or two topics like that; we all do.   

For me, the one obvious topic was investing, so I began coaching private clients.

But I only have so many hours.

And many people, including teachers, nurses, and even my hairdresser, some of whom couldn’t afford my private rate, would ask me about investing.

Unfortunately, I couldn’t just recommend a single book. There’s truly not one book (or even several) that teaches anywhere near everything investors need to know nowadays. 

So, there was much more to say than I could say in one or even many conversations.

And it was painful not to say it when those asking me were:

Sometimes paying a financial advisor high fees without knowing how to evaluate results or thinking their money was “safe” when it wasn’t

Randomly buying Bitcoin, municipal bonds, or hot stocks wihtout any plan or logic what-so-ever

Confusing day trading with investing a diversified but defensive core portfolio

So, I made this program for them…and I made it for you if you’re here.

It’s what everyone needs to know about investing that is not taught elsewhere.

Even if you are beginner or seasoned investor, I am sure Camille’s sharing on her own investing experience can add something valuable to your investment strategy arsenal.

- Krit, Startup Employee, Thailand

What You’ll Get in Each Module:

You’ll be taken step by step through this program, starting with what you want and ending with an action plan.

Module 1 - Lay Your Foundation

  • Lay the foundation for Your Financial Goals with the DECIDE Process
  • Discover Why Almost No One Sets Financial Goals (and Overcome This) 
  • Set Realistic But Motivating Financial Goals
  • The HUGE Problem with Financial Planning (and How to Address It) 
  • See If You’re on Track to Run Out of Money or Not
  • How to Need Way Less in Your Retirement Account (Without Budget Cuts) 
  • Keys for Estimating Future Investment Returns

Module 2 - How to Achieve Financial Independence

  • Estimate the Amount You Need to Fund Your Desired Lifestyle for Life
  • Define and Reach your FG#
  • How to Fund the Lifestyle You Really Want
  • The Dangerous Trap Most Retirees Will Fall Right Into
  • Huge Dangers of the 4% Withdrawal Rule 
  • What Most Financial Plans Don’t Disclose
  • How to Use Stock Bear Markets to Your Advantage
  • Discover What Really Drives Investment Returns (You’ll Be Surprised) 
  • A Little Known Free Tool That Can Make or Break Your Plan
  • Avoid A Dangerous Oversight Almost Every Investor Is Making

Module 3–Assets You Probably Already Own (& The Reality About Them)

  • The 2 Asset Classes Most Investors Don’t Own But the Super Wealthy Do 
  • The Best Protection Against a Financial Crisis
  • Capturing Once in a Lifetime Opportunities
  • When, Why, and How to Invest in the 4 Main Asset Classes
  • What the Financial Services Industry Isn’t Telling You
  • Why There Are No “Safe” Investments
  • 5 Ways to Use Indexes to Your Advantage

Module 4 – Understand How Investing Is Done

  • How to Lower Investment Fees
  • Ways to Increase Investment Returns
  • How to Correctly Measure Investment Returns
  • The Overlooked But Documented Risk for Stock and Bond Portfolios
  • The Easiest Most Popular Way to Invest
  • Tips to Evaluate Any Investment Strategy or Product Like a Pro

Module 5 – The Different Ways You Can Invest

  • How You Can Easily Invest Just Like Financial Advisors
  • Highly Advantageous But Little Known Investing Innovations
  • How Advisors Invest for Ultra High Net Worth Clients
  • How You Can Emulate Strategies the “Smart Money” Use
  • Find Your Own Perfect Sweet Spot Among Beginner to Advanced Investing Methods
  • How to Know If You Should Use an Advisor (Optional)
  • Little Known Insights about Advisors (Optional)
  • Interview and Evaluate Any Financial Advisor Like a Pro (Optional)

Module 6 - Protect Your Money

  • The 13 Major Risks That Can Wipe You Out
  • How to Capitalize on the Risks You Can Control
  • Solutions for Each Risk Outside Your Control
  • Clarify (and Mitigate) the Risks You Have Right Now
  • The Reason Many Wealthy Investors Will Run Out of Money
  • The Dangers of Bonds (Which Are Promoted As Safe)
  • 3 Huge Risks of Money Market Accounts
  • Diagnose Risk Dysfunction and Overcome It
  • Find the Perfect Amount of Risk
  • Discover the One Thing All Great Investors Have in Common

Module 7 – The Musts to Intimately Know Your Assets

  • Gain Control of Your Investments  
  • How to Know Which Investments to Keep or Sell 
  • Embrace and Enjoy Investing (Instead of Avoiding or Dreading It)
  • Why and How to Create Your Own “TO List” 
  • The Right Way to Calculate Your Net Worth  
  • An Essential Investment Analysis Tool (And How to Use It)
  • 7 Steps to Optimize Your Investment Capital  
  • Set Your Minimum Acceptable Investment Return 
  • 9 Reasons to Own an Investment 
  • Using Triple to Octuple Wealth Builders to Catapult Wealth and/or Income

Module 8 - Strategies to Have More Income, Assets, and/or Both

  • How Wealth Is Really Made
  • The Saving Grace for Underfunded Retirement Accounts
  • The 2 Paths to Attain Your Financial Goals
  • 5 Ways to Control Your Financial Future
  • How to Have Your Cake and Eat It Too
  • My Bird in the Hand Income Strategy for Stock Investors
  • 100 Solutions for Underfunded Retirement Accounts 
  • Low and High Capital “Extra Income” Solutions
  • The “Another Million Dollars” Equation
  • How to Avoid Running Out of Money
  • Strategies for Both Well Funded and Under Funded Investment Savings

Module 9 - Create Your Unique Financial Independence Plan

  • 99 Financial Questions that Totally Can Change Your Life If You’ll Let Them
  • The Common Unexpected Snafu After Financial Independence
  • The Mandatory But Missed Step in Every Financial Plan
  • 7 Steps to Really Reach Your Financial Goals
  • A Must Do Template for Financial Independence
  • The Simple But Most Important Step for Financial Independence
  • Proof That You Can Achieve Your Financial Goals (and How to Capitalize On It)
  • Finally Become CEO of Your Own Wealth
  • Implement Steps to Be Pulled Toward Your Financial Goals Instead of Always Struggling to Reach Them

The value for me was a validation that my wife and I are generally going in the right direction with our plans.…A lot of us are out here on our own, trying to find our way, and it is invaluable to get direct feedback from people like yourself who are doing and have done similar.

John, Retired, Balitmore

How The Modules Are Presented:

9 Modules with Multiple Videos In Each Module
Handouts, Templates, Resources

Plus These 4 Bonuses:

This course is primarily focused on using “paper assets” (stocks, bonds, funds, etc.) but there are many other enjoyable and lucrative ways to build wealth or increase income so these options are  presented in this course, also.

Every financial plan is unique. Some of you will decide you want to build more wealth, others will choose to focus on income generating assets, while others will be interested in alternative investments. 

So, I’m including the following bonuses that will quickly get you the next level in each of those specific areas. 

I used to read investing information and not really want to do it or get much out of it. Now, I’m like a sponge when I read about investing; I understand it and it’s getting better and better.

- Yvette, Early Retiree

I’ll ask a very important question:
What is the price of financial independence worth to you? One trip to the grocery store, one (or a partial) ticket to a single sports event or concert?
A small fraction of a new phone?


Great Course!!! Thanks!!!…Thanks Camille! Great information!

- Casey, Advanced Investing Course Student

…super enjoyable  — been wanting to do this for years and he who waits, loses lots of money

- Bill L., Advanced Investing Course Student

Frequently Asked Questions

Why aren’t more people teaching this?

I think in a few years they will be as investors become more aware.

How many hours are the videos?

The 59 videos are about 8 hours at normal speed.

How long will I have access to the program?

You’ll have lifetime access. 

Can I speed up the videos?

You’ll be able to easily speed up or slow down the videos. 

Can I listen to the videos, or do I need to watch them?

Most of the videos can be listened to but some have data you’ll want to see.

How do I access the program?

The minute you purchase, you’ll click a link in the shopping cart to access the entire program.


Can I listen or watch the videos from my phone or tablet?  

You’ll listen or watch the videos from any device you choose, phone, tablet, or PC. 

Will this work for a retirement account?

This program applies to your overall net worth and investments in any type of account.