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New Retirement Strategies

The old model of retirement no longer works for a lot of people who want to live well in retirement.  Old retirement strategies include basics like delaying social security, working longer and part time employment. But, fortunately, there are now some more innovative and lucrative retirement strategies that can be a real godsend for retirees.   Many millennials are already using some of these new retirement …

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How Do Covered Calls Work?

  You may have heard that selling covered calls can increase earnings from stocks.   How do covered calls work exactly? Covered call writing is a strategy where a stock investor sells call options that give the call option buyer the right to buy the stock from the stock investor at a set price and within a certain …

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In the Money Covered Call Strategy

  Selling in the money covered calls can be an excellent income generating strategy for those living off investments.  An in the money covered call strategy involves selling a call option with a strike price higher than the cost of the underlying stock to increase income from stocks.   After writing covered calls over the past 13 years, I have found that there …

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Problem - Solution

Problems with Covered Calls

Covered calls can be an excellent way to increase income from stocks but like all investments, covered calls aren’t perfect. The problems with covered calls include stock market risk, company risk, high capital, missing capital gains, taxes, and management. It is my belief that the benefits far outweigh the problems with covered calls for income …

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retirement nestegg | Are covered calls a good strategy

Are Covered Calls a Good Strategy?

In this time of low dividend yields, increasing stock income by selling call options on stocks you already own sounds pretty appealing to yield hungry investors. Are covered calls a good strategy? Selling covered calls increases income significantly while decreasing risk making them an excellent income strategy for stock investors.  In fact, you can add …

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money pile | Does Living Off Covered Calls Really Work

Does Living Off Covered Calls Really Work?

Are you wondering if living off covered calls is feasible? Over ten years ago, I wrote my first covered call, and I’ve written hundreds of covered calls since then. Here I’ll share why living off covered calls alone can be challenging, and some solutions if you’re considering this little known but sensible income stream. Is …

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