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If you’re interested in creating income streams to fund your desired lifestyle in retirement or investing strategies besides long term passive stock and bond portfolios for decades (no matter what the markets do or you don’t have decades before retirement!) you’re in the right place; this site is about our journey to financial independence following our midlife epiphany that we needed to make some shifts if we wanted to maintain our nice lifestyle, for life.

You won’t see the usual cookie cutter solutions to save, cut out lattes (ridiculous as a solution:), and only make retirement account withdrawals. This is about seeing and taking opportunities based on your own situation, assets, and skills, as well as opportunities at any given time based on ever changing financial markets and economic cycles.

While I’m an AFC, I mostly write based on my own 40 year investing experience both alone and with a few financial advisors I’ve used over the years, as well as small business and real estate so as to not rely solely on stocks or bonds. My Free Resource Vault is the best place to begin if you’re interested in designing your own unique, slightly alternative plan to live well for life.

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