Financial Coaches Online

It used to be you could search for a financial coach online and you’d find a page with numerous independent financial coaches. 

Then a funny thing happened.

People and businesses discovered that services could be sold to people who were seeking financial coaches online because they either had money, or they were taking actions that would result in having money. 

This led to businesses that wanted to attract those seeking financial coaching online in the following ways:

  • Financial advisors calling themselves financial coaches even though this wasn’t their main business
  • Appearing in financial coach online search results due to their ads 
  • People selling services that teach people how to become financial coaches

Despite this challenge, I did some searching and found some real financial coaches with varying areas of expertise.

In this post I’ll provide:

  • 14 individuals that offer online financial coaching
  • The expertise or expertise of each financial coach
  • Coaches that help with everything from budgeting to investing
  • A table listing online financial coaches with areas of expertise

While some of these financial coaches still meet clients locally, they are also set up to provide remote or online financial coaching privately or in groups.

Let’s get started.

Amy Scott Financial Coaching

Amy is a Certified Professional Financial Coach specializing in budgeting. Amy claims to have been called the Marie Kondo of personal finances; that’s clever. She teaches clients based on her own solutions learned from the school of hard knocks; I do the same so I love to see this. 

You might enjoy Amy’s personal finance blog. I appreciate this line from her blog: Stop working your ass off and having no idea where your money is going.

Dave Ramsey

Dave calls himself a financial coach, but is he really? Dave is actually more of a brilliant entrepreneur who has built a multi-faceted financial coaching empire nowadays

I debated about including Dave on this list of online financial coaches since Dave himself is completely out of reach. I decided to do so since he has helped so many people with debt elimination and positive cash flow over the decades. 

Dave got started selling his coaching programs through churches. The initial focus was debt elimination after he reportedly lost all his money due to financing real estate investments before a real estate bust. 

Given this, it would seem Dave’s investment advice would teach about alternatives to buy and hold investing, regardless of trends and valuations. 

There’s no arguing, however, that Dave (or his employees) have created some fantastic financial programs. Popular Financial Peace University is a great program to help people eliminate debt and create positive cash flow. Dave still targets church groups for FPU. 


financial coaching online

Randi DeGraw 

This financial coach offers programs that focus on debt reduction and personal finance. Randi coaches based on her own experience vs. what she learned in a certification program years ago. 

She has individual sessions and monthly accountability programs. 

T and H Financial Coaching

Suzanne Ryan increased her own financial skills following a divorce that left her financially baffled. She started her financial coaching business in 2015 after becoming a Dave Ramsey Preferred Coach. 

Suzanne’s coaching programs focus on budgeting, debt management, cash flow, and investing

Bolder Money is a membership based company that connects financial coaches with clients based on the coaches’ expertise and the client’s needs. Coaching areas of expertise include real estate, investing, debt, small business, and mindset.  

Certifications vary among the coaches but include a Registered Investment Advisor® and Accredited Financial Counselors®.  

Financial Bliss Coach

Financial coach Kelley Long is a CPA, a CFP (Certified Financial Planner™), and a Personal Financial Specialist. She hosts her own podcast, Financial Bliss. 

Kelley works with women.

I noticed the following quote from her About page: “…fear is still how the financial services industry operates, even when offering seemingly uplifting messages about achieving dreams.”

Her background includes work at Morgan Stanley and Deloitte but now she is committed to being an unbiased financial coach. 

Kelley has a particular interest in educating others about HSAs

Tammy Lally – The Money Coach

Financial coach Tammy Lally can be found online on Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn and elsewhere. Tammy’s work focuses on helping individuals let go of financial behaviors that result from deep rooted mindset issues. 

Tammy’s certification is as a Certified Money Coach, an online financial coaching program that focuses on emotions and mindset

Financial Coach Seth Connell

Seth, a Cum Laude law school graduate, was also inspired by the teachings of Dave Ramsey. He paid off student loan debt and managed to stay financially stable after being laid off in 2017. 

Areas of focus for Seth’s financial coaching include budgeting, mindset, how to save for retirement, and nasty things like avoiding bankruptcy, foreclosures, and collections negotiations. His coaching format teaches the Ramsey Baby Steps program. 

Remember, this guy’s been to law school, so he has expertise other financial coaches won’t have. Seth’s personal finance articles are also worth a read. He is located in Murfreesboro but can also be found online for remote financial coaching. 

Craig Dacy Financial Coaching

I found financial coach Craig Dacy online, although he happens to be in the Austin area, like me. The focus of Craig’s financial coaching is small business finances

Craig is Profits First certified. I read Profits First years ago when it was wildly popular among online business owners. I found it to be an excellent book for initially setting up a small business financial system and even got a few ideas for myself.   

You can book sessions with other financial coaches on Craig’s website as well. The area of expertise for the other financial coaches is general personal finance with the exception of one additional business focused financial coach.  

financial coaching

Finfit Financial Coaching

This organization focuses on providing online financial coaching services to employees through their employers. Their program is completely self paced, so you don’t work directly with an individual financial coach. 

Instead, you can focus on the modules that you need at any given time. Areas addressed are savings accounts, paying off debt, and budgeting. 

I decided to include Finfit because I didn’t find other financial coaches specializing in employee related finances specifically. 

The Money Life Coach 

Tawnya Schultz helps clients create a budget, pay off debt, and save money. Her expertise comes from having done this for her own family; I love to see first hand experience vs. certification training only. She provides group and private financial coaching. 


There are a lot of online financial coaching programs that focus on budgeting and personal finance, but few that focus deeply on investing.

Quant Investing founder Tim du Toit provides financial coaching focused on investing. Tim’s methodology teaches how to use his own global stock screen as well as quantitative investing so there is a bias toward the investment strategy he teaches vs. a coach that is unattached to one method. 

Tim’s background includes over 16 years of fund management and banking in South Africa and Germany. If international quantitative tactical investing interests you, take a look at his investing blog.  

Camille Gaines Financial Coaching

What list of online financial coaches would be complete without yours truly? I am an Accredited Financial Counselor®. My coaching, however, is mostly based on what I’ve learned from my own experience investing in just about everything, coupled with hundreds of books, mentors, and programs over the past 4 decades

The focus of coaching is defining lifestyle and financial goals, income strategies before or in retirement, and investment coaching. I teach clients the various ways they can invest vs. just one method of investing, from beginner (buy and hold asset allocation with index mutual funds) to advanced methods (asset rotation based on trends) so they can decide how to invest based on their own situation.

A few of my clients want to learn how to sell covered calls for retirement income on long-time stock holdings

I also help some clients decide whether to invest themselves or find and monitor a wisely chosen financial advisor with confidence; some of my clients want to use a financial advisor but aren’t sure how to evaluate and monitor their performance so I teach that. I consider working with a financial advisor an investing method.   


Larry coaches investors, retirees, and financial advisors on how to use options for managing portfolio risk as well as generating income from low risk option strategies. Strategies range from simple covered calls to the most advanced option strategies but Larry prefers teaching option spreads (vs. covered calls) since the risk can be managed so well.

Larry used to run a trading group professionally. Most of his coaching is done in online group programs. 

I met Larry in 1983 when I was doing the accounting for his trading group at the large NYSE firm where we both worked, so I can vouch he’s been at it a while. And yes, we’ve been married for decades. 


Note: There are also a myriad of real estate coaches. I have excluded these because I’ve learned that long term real estate trends have a huge effect on the success of real estate investing. I have included financial coaches on this list who teach timeless techniques and strategies that will ideally work in various economic environments, particularly as assets are overvalued and we have recently ended a 40 year cycle of declining interest rates since this can have a significant impact on stock, bond, and real estate prices going forward.    

Financial Coach NameFinancial Coaching Focus
Amy ScottBudgeting
Dave RamseyDebt and Cash Flow
Randi DeGrawDebt and Personal Finance
T and H Financial CoachingBudgeting, Cash Flow, Debt, Investing
Bolder MoneyReal Estate, Debt, Business, Mindset
Financial Bliss CoachWomen and Money, HSAs
Tammy Lally The Money Coach Behavioral Finance
Financial Coach Seth ConnellLegal, Personal Finance
Craig Dacy Financial CoachingSmall Business
Finfit Financial CoachingOnline Financial Coaching Modules
The Money Life CoachBudget, Debt, Save Money
Quant-InvestingQuantitative Investing
Camille Gaines, AFCCash Flow, Retirement, Investing
Larry GainesOption Income Strategies
The information on this website is for education only and is not to be construed as personal financial advice.