Here are some of Camille’s Client Feedback from Financial Coaching, Consulting, Workshops, and Speaking… 

Investment Coaching:

Yvette, Recent Early Tech Retiree – Camille’s financial coaching is superb. I cant thank her enough for recognizing the good and bad in my situation and showing me a path to power me forward.  Her experience, structure and approach helped me to see things more clearly and to better define my next steps.  Frankly, I didnt realize I was so off path until she started asking her direct questions.  Camille is gentle but firm, never judging, always moving forward.  I was even uncomfortable and stuck at times, but she knew how to encourage progress.  She gives some homework, shares experiences and many resources, follows up and adjusts where necessary.  Every step of the way I felt that Camille was paying attention to my situation and looking for what made most sense for me.  This was custom, personal and well worth it.  I have such confidence in my plan and I know Ill get there.  Show up, do the work, trust the process and you’ll so appreciate your results.

It truly was an incredible experience working with you and like I said I know that you are an answer to my prayers.

Krit, Successful Startup Employee, Thailand – I found Camille as a seasoned investor who is knowledgeable, data driven, sharp to catch the underlying problem, and very passionate in coaching finance as shown by her commitment to do analysis about your financials before hand. While I would describe myself as an enthusiastic financial learner, she was able to show me a new aspect of investing approach with calculated risk without much worry of how the market would go while also allow a sizable income/withdrawal as means of living off my own investment. Even if you are beginner or seasoned investor, I am sure Camille’s sharing on her own investing experience can add something valuable to your investment strategy arsenal.

Belinda, 50 Something Investor, Santa Fe – Thanks Camille you are a true blessing!!!

John, 50 Something Investor, Baltimore – The value for me was a validation that my wife and I are generally going in the right direction with our plans.…A lot of us are out here on our own, trying to find our way, and it is invaluable to get direct feedback from people like yourself who are doing and have done similar.

Dr Mike M., Recent Retiree – …I got valuable information from your experience. My goal was to have an external (non-financial advisor) validation of my current approach to retirement and to be sure that I was not forgetting anything important. I needed somebody (like you) that have been successful at retirement to validate (or not) my current approach. In addition, your suggestions and links for further investigation are helping me to focus on what I should do next. In particular, I appreciate that you took the time to review my material and took detailed notes for the session. In summary, you help me validate that I was in the right path and suggested areas for improvement.


Group Investing Programs:

Lee H. – Very Comprehensive…showed me the possibilities… thank you for all your efforts!


Sicily K. – joined late today and you were answering the question I had to day…great coaching tips! Outstanding and insightful!


Bill L. – super enjoyable  — been wanting to do this for years     and he who waits, loses lots of money


Jean M. – your talking through the process helps


Joan S. – Thank you for answering my ETF questions – food for thought.


Frank P. – This was exactly what I was looking for.


Mike C. – You’re Awesome!! Thank you for the inside information…


Casey D.  – Great Course!!! Thanks!!!…Thanks Camille! Great information!


Lee H. – Good webinar; thank you


Sicily K. – This was awesome Thanks!


Gene d. – Thanx Camille….Attitude of Gratitude…


Bill L. – WOWZER   — LOTs to think about this weekend!


Bill L. – good job on complex ideas!


James M. – Thanks, very informative!!

Gene E. – Informative and your presentation is good.


Private Coaching:

Nathalie G, London

Our session has been really helpful and gave me a lot of food for thoughts. Trying to figure out who I wanted to help, and how, is a very important first step in considering an online business as an additional revenue stream. It certainly put me in the right direction.

Thank you very much for your help and your time.


Yvette: I am so confident now about what I am doing with my investing. Before I was just doing things to do them. I thought I was a good investor because I was doing things, but I was doing it without the knowledge that I have now.

Someone told me once to leave a job because you are going to a new place, not because you are leaving a place. With my investing, I have gone to a new place.

I used to read investing information and not really want to do it or get much out of it. Now, I’m like a sponge when I read about investing; I understand it and it’s getting better and better.

You have been a ray of sunshine and I am certain that God put you in my life.


Working with Camille has been a life-changing experience. I came to her to help me grow my business, and right away she pointed out some simple ways to immediately begin making more money. I quickly made back my investment from working with Camille and I continue to build on what she has taught me. It turned out that the “head game” that went along with making these changes turned out to be a huge part of my transformation. I went from someone hiding, afraid to raise my rates, and feeling lost in my business to someone willing to stand in my power and confident in the value I was providing for others. I also became much more aware of the areas in my life where I was making excuses and was able to let go of them which was HUGE for me. I can honestly say that I am a totally different person now from working with Camille, and I cannot thank her enough for all she has done to help not only my business grow, but also to help me become an even better version of myself. To me, these things go WAY beyond anything I could ever have imagined, and I can’t thank her enough for all she has done for me. These words seem inadequate to describe how grateful I truly am. From the bottom of my heart, thank you, thank you, thank you Camille!”

Dr. Kendall Ritz, M.D.

“My business partner and I spent several hours with Camille and were blown away with her energy and focus.  We run an investment management firm looking to expand our client base and reach.  Camille forced us to answer some difficult questions that we needed to address in order to be able to begin crafting a marketing plan.  She then helped hone our message into something concise that our target audience could understand.  Camille then gave a clear path of various steps to creating a meaningful presence through social media.  While the social media marketing world had always intimidated us, a few hours with Camille made it seem significantly less daunting.” Dan Blum, Evan Capital (Financial Advisory Consulting) 

Business Consulting: Working with Camille is a delight. She is smart, innovated, fun to work with and has a large knowledge base. Her teaching style is very inspirational. If you are like me coming into the social media/on line advertising later, she will explain things in a way that actually makes sense and eases the fear of learning about the tech world. You will really enjoy working with her.”  Lauren Johnston 
Intuitive Life Coaching,

Thanks so much for such an informative and exciting course. I really enjoyed the content and your insight!! The topics have motivated me to really get involved and be financially empowered to grow. With your help, I’ve gone in the trenches with my money mindset and run the actual numbers. I received the much needed information to begin feeling clear to chart my financial course. wow! I am really loving all the resources you offer. The course information steps helped me in creating a solid launch pad for years to come. This process has been both efficient and fun. ? – Thanks a Million!!” Maria Gonzales

Camille’s knowledge and vision immediately allowed me to increase my income generating opportunities. Her keen insight supported me to use skills and strengths that I was neglecting. Satisfaction with my work and productivity has increased meaning and joy in my life.” Kathleen Moore


As one of WIPP’s new 2012 presenters, Camille Gaines has expanded the Women Accessing Capital curriculum and greatly broadened our audience base. She is an excellent speaker capturing participant’s attention instantly and keeping them enthralled throughout the presentation. Her positive attitude combined with her vast knowledge of finance are the perfect mix to keep attendees coming back for more.”

AnnaKate Kallay, Program Specialist
Women Impacting Public Policy (WIPP) (Speaking)


This was an hour well spent for me. Got the tips I need to start taking control of my finances. Camille made it seem easy – not daunting. Great session!”  Kathy C.,


Camille spoke to our Professional Women’s Group about realistic ways to achieve financial freedom. She was very creative and our members thoroughly enjoyed learning her tips.

Mia Johns, Director-Professional Women’s Group


Business Consulting: When I left my long-time corporate job to launch my own Talent Management and Coaching business, Camille Gaines helped me really clarify the fastest and best way to reach my ideal clients, establish an ongoing relationship with them using simple technology, understand how to get a website built at a low cost, and provided insights for how to reach my ideal market among the many social media platforms. Her depth of knowledge based on years of experience were invaluable and allowed me to build my client base much faster. Camille really understands marketing strategy and social media. She can help any business become much more successful. I highly recommend her.”

Marie Snidow, SPHR
Founder & Executive Coach, Albright Snidow 

Business Consulting – I worked with Camille for over 4 months as I was launching my fitness consulting business and transitioning from a traditional 9-5 job. She was invaluable in helping me launch my first three packages in the business and create marketing systems that help me connect authentically with my ideal peeps. She helped me find “the path of ease” to grow my income quickly. She is compassionate, creative and tough. I highly recommend working with her to create the results you want–quickly!”

Christine Springer, MS, PT, OCS

Camille Gaines spoke at the 2012 Texas Conference for Women in Austin with an Expert Exchange session on “Savvy Smart Spending.” With over 90 speakers who presented at our event, Camille managed to stand out in my memory in very positive ways. Camille was fully engaged in all pre conference activities, including social media outreach. She also brought a positive, vibrant energy to the event, remaining focused on both the goals of the conference, as well as the goals of the attendees. In addition to presenting a fabulous session on “Savvy Smart Spending,” Camille was also gracious and flexible enough to help the Conference in our time of need when another presenter was forced to cancel last minute. Camille stepped in to host a Finance session with well-known speaker David Bach, and managed to provide an impressive introduction to the session. Thank you Camille!”

Danielle Leshinski, Program Coordinator,
Conferences for Women(WIPP)

Camille Gaines is trustworthy, knowledgeable and welcoming.  I felt right at home in her course.  Even though I thought I already knew a thing or two about money, I learned so much more just in the first 15 minutes of partaking in Camille’s course. I love how Camille breaks down ideas into very manageable pieces.  I never felt overwhelmed.  Her course covers practical keys and I literally had a good time with each worksheet.  Previously, such tasks seemed grueling.  

She often says, ” You want your money to out-live you.”  That motto has taken me from a scarcity mindset to a money-building mindset where I focus on the financial freedom I am building for myself and those closest to me.  I no longer feel heavy and burdened when I think about aging or retirement; I feel happy, inspired and liberated.

I would recommend her classes to anyone who wants to add simplicity and strategy to her financial future. There are so many classes available, and I am so happy that I chose this one by Camille Gaines.

Debby Handrich,

(Workshops for Financial Advisor Firm) Camille was the featured speaker at a monthly teleseminar program hosted at Insight Financial Services called “Women and Money,” and she was outstanding! Camille is very passionate about educating women on how to grow their money and feel confident investing. She is full of valuable information and stories that women relate to. As the organizer of the program, she made my job easy and was extremely professional as well as a pleasure to work with.”

Pamela Chamberlain, Marketing Director