I am not taking new financial coaching clients right now. Please email me to get on my waiting list or get my program, How to Retire When You Want here. (It costs a lot less than private coaching and will take you through many of the steps I do with clients.)

Do You Want Some Help? 

Then you’re in the right spot because I can help you! I’ve been personally investing for over 40 years in just about every type of product or service. During that time, I managed multiple accounts for family members, and I personally invested in thousands of stocks, bonds, and all types of funds, as well as alternative investments including real estate and small business.

Over the years, however, I’ve also interviewed, hired, and worked with over a dozen financial advisors for my family so I know how advisors and wealth managers work, although I have invested a 7 figure portfolio directly myself again for the past 14 years.

My AFC (Accredited Financial Counselor®) credential lays the foundation but my real knowledge comes from my own hands-on investing experience along with decades of research, courses, books, and mentors.


How Am I Different?

I am a coach, not a “financial advisor”; meaning I don’t invest money for others. 

Therefore, I am unbiased because I don’t have a hidden agenda of trying to get you to hire me as your financial advisor/wealth manager (CFP, RIA, etc., someone who invests on your behalf for an annual fee).

Instead, I teach the various ways you can invest, and also how I personally invest now, not just one method tied to a service I offer (as financial advisors and even most financial educators do).

This is how different I am: Financial advisors have hired me for coaching.

What Is the Focus of My Expertise?

I’m a big proponent of having a clear financial plan and living, then working and investing toward that plan. A core portfolio of stocks and at times, bonds, makes sense for most investors given how liquid these assets are. I personally also own alternative investments given the income they generate and the tax benefits they provide; this made sense for my own financial goals.

I don’t teach that there is one way to invest! In my coaching, I help you decide what makes the most sense for you to achieve your unique goals, and then help you implement it.

Most of my clients invest in traditional assets like stocks and bonds only but I’ve got experience in alternative assets if this interests you or you need it to reach your goals.

Can You Trust Me? 

Rest assured, I don’t ever allow you to share any specific secure data, such as account numbers during our confidential work together.

And as an Accredited Financial Counselor, I’m bound by a code of ethics.

Is Financial Coaching Worth It?

So, what’s the value of coaching with me? Since your wealth drives your lifestyle, for life, it’s pretty much priceless.

And if you spend a fairly typical 1.50% on wealth management through a retirement account, funds, or financial adviser for a $500,000 account, that’s $7,500 every single year!

By comparison, you’ll pay me a fraction of that once.

You’ll gain valuable information and insights that you’ll use for the rest of your life to get the results you want from investing your money vs. one year of wealth management fees.

Plus, you’ll gain the confidence that will allow you to truly lead your wealth.

My Financial Coaching Isn’t Right for You If You:

  • Don’t have an Emergency fund or any savings (Establish that first)
  • Have high-interest debt (I’d rather you pay off your debt than pay me)
  • Can’t pay your monthly bills (See free YouTube videos on how to make more money and/or lower bills)
  • Aren’t open to new ideas or solutions
  • Don’t take responsibility for your own situation
  • Aren’t willing to do what it takes

What I Don’t Do:

  • Invest for you
  • Tell you how or where to invest (I provide the education and pros and cons of all the options then you confidently choose and implement)
  • Teach how to pick individual stocks or give “stock tips”
  • Assume responsibility for your finances

Here’s a List of Issues I Help/Have Helped Clients With:

  • Understand where and how your money is invested
  • Clarify how much money you need to retire
  • How to select and implement a tactical (stock, bonds, etc.) ETF investment strategy that has beaten a “buy and hold” index portfolio by over 2% with half the risk over a 50-year history
  • See if you’re on track to have funds for life (so you can make more, save more, or enjoy life and spend more)
  • Discern if you should invest yourself or use a financial advisor
  • Assess the job your financial advisor is doing or evaluate a new financial advisor
  • Discover ways to lower investment fees
  • Understand the various investment options available
  • Establish financial goals
  • Unify life and financial goals
  • Feel smart and confident about investments
  • Deal with inheritance
  • Measure and manage investment risk
  • Discover why you keep making the same financial mistakes and overcome them
  • Assess the best income stream for you should you want more income (real estate, covered calls, dividends, online business, and or consulting) and how to get started
  • How to sell covered calls on stocks you own
  • Support you while also holding you accountable

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How Much Does Coaching Cost?

New clients start in my Ascend Coaching Program.

The expected outcome is well-defined and achievable yet realistic reasonable financial goals with needed implementation toward those goals based on your unique situation.

It cost $900 per month.

While you are in the Ascend program, you’ll receive:

  1. Three monthly video meetings or phone calls, your choice, although we can screen share in video meetings while we cannot on the phone
  2. Unlimited free access to my program How to Retire When You Want and Fund Your Desired Lifestyle. This program can significantly accelerate your coaching because you can learn and complete handouts from the program, then spend your time with me brainstorming, getting questions answered, strategizing, and implementing.
  3. Occasional email or phone support between scheduled calls

Completing the Ascend program usually takes 2 to 3 months.

Soar Coaching Program

After completing the Ascend Coaching Program, clients can move into my Soar Coaching Program thereby saving money. At the Soar level, you get everything you get in the new client Ascend coaching program except we will meet twice a month.

The cost is $600 per month.

This program allows you to continue working with me for less money, but I’m still there when you need me. It’s excellent for accountability and for getting back on track when the inevitable snafu happens.

The minimum that can be purchased is one month although you aren’t required to purchase a minimum number of months and you can discontinue anytime you want after using your sessions. 

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Here’s the Next Step

The next step is to schedule your free Strategy Session below to see if financial coaching with me is ideal for you.

In your Strategy Session:

  • You’ll ask me any questions about how my coaching works
  • We’ll talk about your goals and what you need help with
  • We’ll strategize about potential steps to achieve your goals

This is a free 30 to 50 minute Strategy Session depending on what’s needed. There is zero obligation but please be respectful of my time by thoroughly reading the above information to make sure what I offer is what you’re seeking, and you understand how I am different from a financial advisor.

After you’ve done this, email me at Camille@RetireCertain.com with:

1.) 3 times that are convenient for us to start our call on Mon-Thurs between 10-12 or 3 – 4:30 Central USA time zone (I’ll email back one that works for me.)

2.) What you want to accomplish from coaching with me

3.) Put “Strategy Session with Camille” in the Subject Line

4.) Your phone number we will use to meet

If you don’t hear from me within 2 business days, please email me again since all our email providers decide what to deliver to our inboxes:)