Want some help? 

Then you’re in the right spot because I can help you! I’ve been personally investing for about 40 years in just about every type of product or service, both alone and with all types of financial professionals. During that time, I managed multiple accounts for family members, and I personally invested in thousands of stocks, bonds, and all types of funds, as well as alternative investments.

Over the years, however, I’ve also interviewed, hired, and worked with over a dozen financial advisors for my family so I know how advisors and wealth managers work, although now I invest directly myself.

How Am I Different?

While I am an Accredited Financial Counselor® my real knowledge comes from hands-on investing.

Since I don’t manage wealth for others outside of my family (which is rare in investment education),  I am able to share completely unbiased information without a hidden agenda of you hiring me as a financial advisor (someone who invests on your behalf for an annual fee).

Instead, I teach all the ways you can invest, and also how I personally invest now, not just one method related to a service I offer (because I’m not a financial advisor selling those services).

I’m a big proponent of a core traditional portfolio even though I personally have chosen to own alternative investments, too.

If you’re here, you probably have a core traditional stock and bond portfolio, too.

You may be:

  • Confused about your investments
  • Worried the next bear market will permanently hurt your retirement savings as it did in the 2000s decade
  • Afraid to not invest because you need your money to grow
  • Unclear about how much risk you really have
  • Worried your financial advisor isn’t doing a good enough job
  • Confused about how you should invest
  • Not beating the benchmark after fees (or knowing that it’s possible to beat the benchmark or even what the benchmark is so you can measure results)

And there’s just no reason to have any of these problems. Your financial future is way too important for that.

Rest assured, I don’t ever allow you to share any specific secure data, such as account numbers during our confidential work together.  

And as an Accredited Financial Counselor, I’m bound by a code of ethics.

So, what’s the value of your consultation with me? Since your wealth drives your lifestyle, for life, it’s pretty much priceless.

And if you spend a fairly typical 1.50% on wealth management through a retirement account, funds, or financial adviser for a $500,000 account, that’s $7,500 every single year!

By comparison, you’ll pay me a fraction of that once.

You’ll gain valuable information and insights that you’ll use for the rest of your life to get the results you want from investing your money vs. one year of wealth management fees.

Plus, you’ll gain the confidence that will allow you to lead your wealth.

My financial coaching isn’t right for you if you:

  • Don’t have a good amount of investment savings
  • Have high-interest debt (I’d rather you pay off your debt than pay me)
  • Can’t pay your monthly bills (See free YouTube videos on how to make more money and/or lower bills)

What I Don’t Do:

  • Invest for you
  • Tell you how or where to invest (I provide the education, and pros and cons of all the options then you confidently choose and implement)
  • Teach how to pick stocks

Here is a list of things I help/have helped clients with:

  • Understand where and how your money is invested
  • Clarify how much money you need to retire
  • See if you’re on track to have funds for life (so you can make more, save more, or enjoy life and spend more)
  • Discern if you should invest yourself or use a financial advisor
  • Assess the job your financial advisor is doing
  • Discover ways to lower investment fees
  • Understand the various investment options available
  • Feel smart and confident about your investments
  • Deal with inheritance
  • Become a confident leader of your money
  • Create a financial plan
  • Discover why you keep making the same mistakes and overcome them
  • Let go of past financial mistakes that lead to avoiding investing or worse
  • Assess the best income stream for you should you want more income (real estate, covered calls, dividends, online business, and or consulting) and how to get started
  • Learn how to select and implement a no-fee (stock, bonds, etc.) investment strategy that has beaten index funds by over 2% with half the drawdown (risk) over a 50-year history
  • Support you while also holding you accountable

Your success is my success. To make sure you succeed in getting what you need, I’ll hold you accountable to do your part. (I’ve been accused of being “tough”.)

How It Works

  1. We’ll start with what you want, so you’ll tell me that in a confidential form that only I see after you click Learn More below.
  2. I’ll email and tell you if I can help you, how many sessions it will take (usually 6 to 12), and how much it will cost. 
  3. You’ll email me back any questions and we go from there. 

If you’re like me, I hate it when I have no idea how much someone charges so here it is: My fees are $300 an hour.

But I like saving my time, and therefore, your money. So, I may be able to have you watch some of my private training, and then meet with you so that we get more done in less time.

I’ll know once you complete the form that appears right after you click the Learn More button below.

My goal is always for my client’s investment with me to more than pay for itself. 

If this all sounds good to you, click Learn More now.