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New Business | New Retirement Strategies

New Retirement Strategies

The old model of retirement no longer works for a lot of people who want to live well in retirement.  Old retirement strategies include basics like delaying social security, working longer and part time employment. But, fortunately, there are now some more innovative and lucrative retirement strategies that can be a real godsend for retirees.   Many millennials are already using some of these new retirement …

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How to Choose an Online Business to Start

You may know that you want to start an online business, but you don’t know what the focus of your business should be. This post has the steps for how to choose an online business to start based on your own financial goals, skills, and desired lifestyle. These are the things that I wish I …

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concepts napkin | Is It Too Late to Start an Online Business

Is It Too Late to Start an Online Business?

Does it seem like you could never create a profitable website among the millions of online businesses? And is it too late to start an online business? About fifteen years ago I was wondering the same thing and exploring the best online business for midlife and beyond. In this post, I’ll share why it’s not …

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