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Can You Live Off A Million Dollars?

Saving a million dollars used to mean that you were financially set for life. Can you live off a million dollars today, and for how long? The answer depends on 3 factors: how much money you spend, the method you choose to live off the million dollars you’ve accumulated, and how much return the million …

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man over 50 looking for new ways to retire

New Ways to Retire

An exciting and promising shift is happening right now in the way we retire.  Fortunately, changes stemming from the rise of the internet now lead to rewarding retirement opportunities for those not interested in living on less while working crossword puzzles for brain stimulation in their golden years. The younger generations are living proof of …

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How Many Income Streams Should You Have? [Videos]

The more income streams you have the better, right? This is not necessarily true. How many income streams should you have? It have depends on your goals, available time, types of income streams, available capital, taxes, demonstrated success, income reliability, and desired lifestyle. In this post I’ll share what I’ve learned in each of these …

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