what does it mean when the fed expands their balance sheet

What Does It Mean When The Fed Expands Their Balance Sheet?

More investors are starting to realize that macroeconomics plays a significant role in investment returns. And investment returns determine if and how much our retirement accounts grow over time. In essence, our lives are very directly affected by Federal Reserve actions since those actions have a huge impact on the economy, and hence, our investment …

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Best Advanced Investing Books

Best Advanced Investing Books

Below you’ll find some of my favorite advanced investing books on a wide variety of investment strategies and approaches. I refer to them as more advanced investing books because they are beyond a typical and somewhat over simplified buy and hold investing strategy following an allocation model in stocks and bonds. All these books are …

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woman listening to investing podcasts

Best Advanced Investing Podcasts

If you’re looking for something beyond asset allocation, real estate, or complex financial advisor lingo, keep reading. I’m revealing my very own list of advanced investing podcasts. You won’t hear about “buying and forgetting” or planning on 4% retirement withdrawals from a standard stock and bond asset allocation template from my list of advanced investing …

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economic and stock cycles

Are Individual Investors Wrong Most of the Time?

We investors, that is, are almost always wrong collectively about which direction the stock market will go. Here’s the holiday looking colorful chart (compliments of AAII) to support my points below: The AAII (American Association of Individual Investors, that’s most of us reading this:) reported that those expecting a rise in stocks over the next …

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couple in their 50s

Financial Goals for 50 Year Old

It’s never too early or too late to set financial goals. Financial goals for a 50 year old should evaluate progress toward a previously defined savings goal, as well solutions to decrease spending, increase income, increase savings,  and improve investment returns to enable the accomplishment of retirement goals. In this article, each of these factors …

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man over 50 looking for new ways to retire

New Ways to Retire

An exciting and promising shift is happening right now in the way we retire.   Fortunately, changes stemming from the rise of the internet now lead to rewarding retirement opportunities for those not interested in living on less while working crossword puzzles for brain stimulation in their golden years. The younger generations are living proof …

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how many income streams

How Many Income Streams Should You Have? [Videos]

The more income streams you have the better, right? This is not necessarily true. How many income streams should you have? It have depends on your goals, available time, types of income streams, available capital, taxes, demonstrated success, income reliability, and desired lifestyle. In this post I’ll share what I’ve learned in each of these …

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