Best Advanced Investing Podcasts

If you’re looking for something beyond asset allocation, real estate, or complex financial advisor lingo, keep reading. I’m revealing my very own list of advanced investing podcasts.woman listening to investing podcasts

You won’t hear about “buying and forgetting” or planning on 4% retirement withdrawals from a standard stock and bond asset allocation template from my list of advanced investing podcasts. 

That’s because building and sustaining wealth often requires more than these highly promoted and oversimplified investment strategies.

Despite the effort, growing and keeping wealth is an endless yet very rewarding journey that results in financial independence when done well.

And investing podcasts such as these provide valuable information to keep us investors a step ahead of the opportunities while also, importantly, mitigating the risks.

The lists below are broken into advanced investing podcasts, super advanced investing podcasts, and advanced podcasts that are focused on income investing, so you can find just what you’re seeking.

Intermediate to Advanced Investing Podcasts – Traditional

The podcasts below can really be useful for everyone from beginner to advanced investors, but they aren’t for extremely advanced investors like some of the podcasts on this list.

For example, European Fragmentation Policy and the Japanese Yield Curve are, admittedly, beyond my interests. Podcasts that address such topics are on my lower list of super advanced investing podcasts, however.

Seeking Alpha Wall Street Breakfast Podcast

This is my favorite investing podcast. I also encourage my financial coaching clients to consume this insightful content daily. It’s an excellent free podcast for both beginner investors and advanced investors.

Why do I suggest Seeking Alpha’s Wall Street Breakfast to my coaching clients? Investors absolutely need to know what’s happening in economics, commodities, the financial markets, and business. And Seeking Alpha’s Wall Street Breakfast keeps investors up to date in a fast and easy way.

By the time you’ve made and had your first cup of coffee (or tea, in my case), you know what’s happening that’s important in relation to your investments.

Note that Seeking Alpha is one of a handful of investment resources I choose to affiliate with since I’ve been enjoying it daily for years. The podcast is free.

Depending on how busy my day is, I frequently read Wall Street Breakfast over tea rather than listen to the podcast. Therefore, I upgraded to Premium Seeking Alpha (my affiliate link) so I can click through and read the articles that interest me from the summaries in my morning read.

The Money Tree Investing Podcast

A Money Tree panel member interviews guests weekly on financial topics on this popular podcast.

Secrets of the Rich, investing for higher inflation, and covered call income all got my attention as worthy topics for investors seeking more advanced information than Bogelhead forums, but not too far out there.

Wealthsteading Podcast

This financial podcast, hosted by money manager John Pugliano, has a tagline about a holistic lifestyle to build and preserve wealth.

But I like that it seems more hard core investing than lifestyle.

Topics include technical analysis, investor mindset, risk management, and the global economy. Yep, these are all huge but frequently overlooked factors of investment returns.

Like me, John was talking about bond risk and potential noncorrelation with stocks way before bonds fell right along with stocks in 2022.

John addresses the reality of investing in a relatable but informative way that can benefit both beginner and advanced investors.

The Wall Street Journal’s Your Money Briefing Podcast

What advanced investing podcast list would be complete without this timeless financial media source from The Wall Street Journal? (The WSJ stirs fond childhood memories as my dad’s favorite nightly read.)

Here’s a sampling of episodes:

  • Why the Upper Middle Class Is Feeling the Economic Squeeze
  • How Retirees Are Making Life Changes Because of Inflation
  • What the IRS’s Plan to Hire 87,000 Workers Means for Taxpayers

Hello; you’ve got my attention. There’s a lot more to investing than picking stocks or even investments, including taxes and inflation.

Invest Like the Best with Patrick O’Shaughnessy 

CFA Patrick O’Shaughnessy interviews financial experts while exploring business mega trends that helps individual investors think bigger. The Metaverse, online business, and factories of the future are among recent topics.

Patrick is CEO of O’Shaughnessy Capital Management and Chairman of Colossus, a provider of investing information.

Invest Like a Boss Podcast

If you’re looking for part entertainment and part advanced investing, this could be the ideal advanced investing podcast for you.

While wine collecting and luxury watches may not sound like episodes from an advanced investing podcast, more common topics include chats about cattle investing, macroeconomics, and quantitative models.

Past guests include a favorite financial expert, Meb Faber, as well as Financial Samurai’s Sam Dogen.

Entrepreneurs Sam Marks, Johnny FD, and Derek Spartz “invest alongside listeners” while sharing their own portfolios and life adventures in Invest Like a Boss episodes.

You may also enjoy Invest Like a Boss’s YouTube channel.

CNBC’s Fast Money Podcast

The Fast Money podcast claims to deliver information “normally reserved for the Wall Street trading floor”.

If you’re into stock investing and staying up to date on the overall market, this could be an excellent, slightly advanced investing podcast for you.

Super Advanced Investing Podcasts 

Don’t skip this list due to intimidation: many of the super advanced investing podcast episodes are certain to engage you while taking your investing knowledge to the next level, so check them out as well.

We Study Billionaires – The Investor’s Podcast Network

In the We Study Billionaires podcast, Preston Pysh and Stig Brodersen interview, well, billionaires.

I’ve noticed these guys don’t only interview billionaires, but they do interview very high level financial experts. Guests have included Jeremy Grantham, Tony Robbins, and even Warren Buffett, for example.

But don’t think this podcast is just about evaluating stocks. Preston and Stig cover advanced investing strategies and assets such as Bitcoin, trend investing, macroeconomics, commodities, and more.

Money for the Rest of Us Podcast

Run by David Stein, this more traditional investment podcast is packed with information every investor needs to know, but most don’t know.

When I see talk of cycles, inflation, and population trends, it’s a welcome relief from the usual “buy the dips” and “stay the course” fluff that we usually see from traditional investing media.

David Stein managed assets for financial advisors and institutions previously while serving as Chief Investment Strategist and Chief Portfolio Strategist at FEG Investment Advisors.

Stein co-founded their $2.2 billion asset management department developing the investment philosophy while serving as the lead portfolio manager.

The Meb Faber Show

Meb Faber’s work has intrigued me since I read his book for everyday investors, The Ivy Portfolio, back in 2011.

His podcast continues to intrigue me. Years ago Meb interviewed an investment expert that had done extensive research to discover stock picking newsletters that had beaten the index. There were very few newsletters that did, and I recall that Motley Fool’s stock picking newsletter was the winner. The information was unbiased and data driven, something not easy to find in the investing world.

Of course, at Retire Certain, we know wealth building isn’t about stock picking.

Now, Meb interviews top economic and investment experts on deep topics, making this advanced investing podcast ideal for more tactical investors who want to explore quantitative models, crypto, and more. Meb’s strategies are featured at one of my favorite investing tools, Allocate Smartly.

Top Traders Unplugged Podcast

This advanced investing podcast isn’t just for traders as the name suggests but it is geared toward active investors. Niels Kaastrup-Larsen interviews financial and investing experts with a focus on trends, the economy, and, yes, trading.

This popular podcast features a series on systematic investing; and nope, this isn’t simply dumping 1% of your earnings into an index portfolio based on strategic asset allocation. Systematic investing here refers to following a quantitative, rules based model, something I personally like due to the back testing capability and my strong preference for low risk investing strategies.

Advanced Investing Podcast for Income Investors

The podcasts below will interest you if you’re interested in creative income streams or alternative retirement investment strategies.

Rich Dad Radio Show

Robert Kiyosaki, like me, is an outside the box investor who thinks beyond simply stocks and bonds.

In 1997 Robert’s Rich Dad Poor Dad book was like a lightbulb for me in seeing that most people get rich from alternative wealth strategies like small business or real estate, not from long term stock and bond portfolio investing.

And the insight that the tax system supports business owners and real estate investments much more than it supports employees was another epiphany I somehow missed when taking the Federal Income Tax Course twice. (Yep, I’m a nerd.)

Striking gold, the fake economy, and the retirement tsunami are perfect examples of the way Robert can turn otherwise boring topics into intriguing information we investors can use to our advantage.

If like me, you’ve noticed that income vs wealth building pays the bills, or prefer living off investments instead of making retirement withdrawals to support you for life, you’ll like Robert’s lively and sometimes controversial podcast.

Robert’s book, Rich Dad Poor Dad also made my list of advanced investing books. Robert’s on my Best Advanced Investing YouTube channels, too.

The Cashflow Academy Show

This podcast claims to be “an alternative to Dave Ramsey, Jim Cramer, Suze Orman, and real estate investing”. Thank goodness for that.

Hosted by a Rich Dad Poor Dad financial coach, this alternative investing podcast addresses topics such as commodities, macroeconomics, and, of course, income generating assets.

Cashflow Ninja Podcast

Host M.C. Laubscher interviews experts in this advanced investing podcast which focuses on alternative income streams. While there may be an occasional dividend investing episode, more common topics include real estate and small business.

At the Cashflow Ninja podcast, you’ll find topics such as leverage, buying an online business, and investment trends reminding me that I’m not the only investor that looks beyond fixed asset allocation models in stocks and bonds.

Podcast NameContent
Seeking Alpha Wall Street Breakfast Podcastkeeps investors up to date in a fast and easy way
The Money Tree Investing Podcasttopics for investors seeking more advanced information
Wealthsteading Podcastaddresses the reality of investing in a relatable but informative way
The Wall Street Journal’s Your Money Briefing Podcasttimeless financial media source
Invest Like the Best with Patrick O'Shaughnessy helps investors think bigger
Invest Like a Boss Podcastpart entertainment and part advanced investing
CNBC’s Fast Money Podcastinformation “normally reserved for the Wall Street trading floor”
We Study Billionaires – The Investor’s Podcast Networkhigh level financial experts
Money for the Rest of Us Podcastpacked with information every investor needs to know, but most don’t
The Meb Faber Showideal for more tactical investors
Top Traders Unplugged Podcastthis advanced investing podcast isn’t just for traders
Rich Dad Radio Showoutside the box investor who thinks beyond simply stocks and bonds
The Cashflow Academy ShowHosted by a Rich Dad Poor Dad financial coach
Cashflow Ninja Podcastfocuses on alternative income streams
This table lists the best advanced investing podcasts

Summary for Advanced Investing Podcasts

I can promise that you’ll learn, and you’ll also think bigger if you listen to any of these advanced investing podcasts.

Find the podcast that meets you where you are. Then grab your headphones to take your investing skills to the next level while you’re knocking out boring tasks that you’d just as soon not focus on anyway.

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