Advanced Investing YouTube Channels

You may be seeking more advanced investing YouTube channels amidst of vast sea of sea of investing YouTube channels, most of which are tailored to beginner investors at one end and traders at the other end.

Best Advanced Investing YouTube Channels

I’ll be sharing some of the channels from my very own short list of advanced investing YouTube channels to which I’ve subscribed.

If you read my newsletter, you already know I don’t listen to many “financial experts” after 40 years of investing.

This means if they’re on my list, their content is truly geared toward advanced investors vs just another YouTuber suggesting overpriced hot stock picks.

If you’re looking for alternatives to buy and hold investing, keep reading.

Best Advanced Investing YouTube Channel: Wealthion

Host Adam Taggart, and occasionally Stephanie Pomboy, are the face of the Wealthion YouTube channel.

Lest you see the professional look of the Wealthion channel and think you’re going to hear the same ole investing advice you hear everywhere else, that is definitely not the case.

There’s no sugar coating here. Bear markets, real estate bubbles, or the potentially brutal economic impact of all the Federal Reserve actions are common topics when timely.

Gold, silver, bitcoin, crypto, are among the alternative assets addressed. Of course, stocks, bonds, and cash are also covered.

Below is a video with Jim Rickards discussing issues of which advanced investors will want to be aware, such as how the economy affects investment returns.

Top Advanced Investing Educational YouTube Channel – George Gammon

George Gammon presents informative videos packed with investment education for those looking to become more advanced investors. He often does so from his whiteboard with extensive data and explanations. I love this channel.

The show is dubbed Rebel Capitalist if that gives you an idea of the tilt.

George’s videos are entertaining and engaging, laced with Disney characters clips and famous quips. This makes them ideal for intermediate to advanced investors who want to understand how macro economic factors drive investment returns.

Here’s a sampling of George’s videos.

  • I Was Wrong about the Fed
  • Will This Create a Global Economic Crisis?
  • Are You Prepared for Deflation

In addition to the lesson style videos, George interviews economists and financial experts. Guests have included Rick Rule, Lyn Alden, and Peter Schiff.

George doesn’t mind being controversial and telling it like it is with data supported facts often digging beneath the surface of published numbers.

Check out Warning: Stocks Could Get Crushed Below to get a feel for George’s approach.

The Rich Dad Youtube Channel

Robert Kiyosaki became famous (and rich) from his Rich Dad Poor Dad game and books. He was one of the first to suggest investors buy real estate and small business to build wealth while taking advantage of the many tax incentives that support such alternative investment strategies.

Robert’s work goes way beyond real estate and small business on his YouTube channel. It covers both traditional and alternative advanced investing topics but does so in a way that is easy to understand. Therefore, this channel might appeal to beginner investors looking to become more advanced investors without getting lost in the process.

Husband wife team Robert and Kim host this channel that is interview based. Here are a few examples of Robert’s videos.

  • Reasons the Rich and Poor Go Broke
  • Robert Kiyosaki’s Formula for Wealth
  • The Crash of a Lifetime

You can also find Robert’s lively and informative content on my list of podcasts for advanced investors.

Check out The Retirement Crisis Balloons below.

Stansberry Research

Host Daniela Cambone, among others, interviews a wide variety of economic and investing experts on both traditional assets and alternative investments such as real estate, commodities, and crypto.

You’ll notice some of the investor experts, such as George Gammon and Robert Kiyosaki, overlap with the other advanced investment channels in this post. Then you’ll also find lesser known experts such as international entrepreneur and real estate tycoon Bill Bonner who successfully predicted previous market cycles.

Watch Daniela’s interview below Fed Pumps Brakes on the Dollar.

Prague Finance Institute

This YouTube channel doesn’t have a lot of videos yet, but the videos it does have will certainly appeal to advanced investors interested in macroeconomic factors. Reos Rousek interviews high level economic and financial experts.

Two Dollars YouTube Channel

Two Dollars is a newcomer but publishes daily videos for advanced investors, mostly on macroeconomic factors that fuel investment returns.

What I don’t like about this YouTube channel is that it appears the content has been stripped from the work of other YouTube channels. This is fine in a compilation but not as standalone videos, just my two cents.

What I do like, however, is that the information is presented in more bite size chunks making this channel ideal for beginner investors looking to advance to the next level.

Bloomberg Markets and Finance

Bloomberg has for decades and still does provide timely financial news for investors.

Hugh Hendry, former Electra Asset Management founder and CIO shares his opinion on how Federal Reserve actions affect the economy and stock market in the interesting interview below.

Bridgewater Associates YouTube Channel

This channel presents videos in a variety of formats on topics that will appeal to advanced investors. While the topics vary, billionaire Bridgewater founder Ray Dalio can occasionally be seen in educational videos that will appeal to both beginner and advanced investors.

Some videos are about leadership or humanitarian issues. For example, a former Navy Seal shared leadership lessons in one video while another video was about philanthropy.

Principles by Ray Dalio YouTube Channel

This YouTube channel name is the same as Ray Dalio’s earlier book, Principles which came out before one of my favorites, The Changing World Order. 

Topics include financial education and how macroeconomic factors affect investments. Lifestyle topics such as meditation and defining success are commonly found on this channel, too.

There are also interviews. For example, Ray Dalio interviews former Federal Reserve Chairman Paul Volcker; how amazing is that? Dalio may sound familiar as the creator of the popular All Weather Portfolio.

One of my favorite investment education videos which I have shared with newsletter readers previously is How the Economic Machine Works. You can view it below; it’s fantastic.

The Meb Faber Show on YouTube

You can watch Meb Faber on YouTube vs your podcast provider if you prefer videos. Meb was also included in my podcasts for advanced investors post.

Like many of the podcasts here, topics include all sorts of advanced investing strategies, usually in interview format.

Rob Arnott, Lyn Alden, and Jeremy Grantham are some of the financial experts you might recognize.

Meb also presents financial education type videos himself, on topics such as shareholder value and inflation. He also interviews financial experts from his Best Investment Writing book series.

I’ve been following Meb’s work since his book, The Ivy Portfolio, was published over a decade ago. Meb was instrumental in my progression to becoming a more advanced investor myself. Some of his tactical investment strategies are among the best at Allocate Smartly.

Mark J. Kohler

Mark is an attorney and an accountant, a powerful combination, since keeping wealth is as important as building wealth.

Mark frequently hosts live videos with Q&A time. Wealth management topics are the focus of this channel, such as retirement planning, taxes, and real estate.

You may enjoy “Want a $1,000,000 in Retirement” where Mark claims it is possible to accumulate a million in retirement, even if you start building wealth after 50.

Holy Schmidt

Holy Schmidt is another YouTube channel focused on wealth management. Educational videos are done by Jeff Schmidt, CPA.

In addition to more advanced topics like Roth conversions, Jeff also has many lifestyle, retirement planning, and personal finance videos. You may enjoy 10 Things You Should Leave Behind in Retirement below.

Wall Street Journal

Advanced investors stay on top of the financial news, and the Wall Street Journal has delivered the news as long as I can remember.

You can choose podcast or Youtube format since The Wall Street Journal also made my list of top advanced investing podcasts.

Oxbow Advisors

Oxbow Advisors Founder Ted Oxbow provides economic and financial market updates that are short, easy to understand, and based on data. This is the only financial advisor channel on my list thus far.

A variety of financial videos are posted on the Oxbow YouTube channel. They include interviews by the likes of Maria Bartiromo and Adam Taggart. (Random fun fact: My mom and I saw Maria on the NYSE floor in March 1998. It was expected that very day the Dow would surpass 10,000 for the first time so we got “Dow 10,000” hats.)

The Oxbow wealth management firm specializes in investing for high net worth clients who have sold their businesses. IOW, you can get the same advice provided to high net worth clients at no cost on this YouTube channel. It will appeal to both entrepreneurs and more advanced investors that like to stay abreast of the markets without much effort given the occasional market updates.

Generational wealth and emotional investing are popular topics, in addition to more tactical investing based on economic cycles.

Don’t think Ted is not relatable to us normal folks. He grew up without running water or an indoor toilet. Ted founded and supports two primary organizations for foster children in Texas. He sounds like he has a giant heart as well as investing smarts.

Retire Certain

No list of advanced investing YouTube channels would be complete without Retire Certain. Of course, I’m biased here.

My channel has beginner to advanced investing videos that cover retirement planning, investment risk, retirement income, and investment strategies more advanced than fixed asset allocation templates. I also have a few videos on alternative income producing assets, such as real estate rentals and online business.

All my videos are about investment strategies and assets I have personally owned over the decades. Therefore, it appeals to beginner investors looking to take their skills to the next level.

You may enjoy Investor Emotions Chart – Where Are We Now in the Cycle?

Advanced Investing YouTube Channel Summary

Now you have my list of favorite advanced investing YouTube channels. As you may have noticed, mature, veteran investors and financial experts that have invested through both bull and bear markets dominate this list.


You can also watch this video on advanced investing YouTube channels.

The information on this website is for education only and is not to be construed as personal financial advice.