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Investing in Stocks, Bonds, and Commodities

Tactical Asset Allocation

This platform provides advanced investors over 4 decades of historical data on 50+ expert investment strategies. Individual investors can evaluate this data for more reliable retirement planning. More importantly, it can be used for selecting and implementing these strategies using ETFs within their own investment accounts, including IRA’s, as well as most 401K’s, for low cost diversified investing at a professional level.

This data is used by financial advisors as well as proactive individual investors to find strategies with higher returns and less risk than a typical 60/40 Stock and Bond portfolio. It can also help investors address the inevitable problems of low interest rates and overvalued stock markets.

Extensive data is provided on the following types of strategies:

  • Simple Buy and Hold Strategies with only the S&P 500 index and US Treasury bonds
  • Diversified and Defensive Buy and Hold Strategies with holdings such as gold and international stocks, including strategies originated by iconic investors such as Bridgewater founder Ray Dalio, Ned Davis, and Meb Faber’s respected Ivy Portfolio.
  • Tactical strategies that rotate monthly or several times a month or year based on economic and other factors

This platform levels the playing field between individual investors and professional wealth management. While access to this data and the extensive analysis tools costs $400 a year, compare this to the annual cost of $5,000 for a financial advisor at 1% for a $500,000 portfolio.

I personally use TAA strategies for our core portfolio based on my analysis using Allocate Smartly’s research and platform. It now takes me about 25 minutes to implement portfolio changes when my carefully selected strategies signal a new allocation.

If you want me to help you learn and implement this, email me at:

Protecting Your Portfolio with Options

Option strategies can be one of the best ways to manage stock market risk. My husband, Larry, and I co-founded this online options education website where he shares what he learned from trading options professionally for over three decades. He has since taught over a million investors/traders. The hundreds of testimonials provide fulfillment we could never find on the golf course.

Financial Advisors I Like

Coming soon for those of you who don’t want to manage your own portfolio because you’re too busy making money, or simply enjoying life. My philosophy is to do what works best for your own situation. If you’re ready to get moving now, I can help you find and hire an independent financial advisor here.

Creating Income Streams


Online Business Income

For years I’ve said I’m going to teach others how to set up an online business because it has been both fulfilling and very financially rewarding for us. I may get around to a program eventually, but in the meantime, I can absolutely recommend Jim and Ricky if you want to learn how to build an information based website and/or a related YouTube channel. They’re honest; they over deliver; they have an amazing community; you get a lot for your money. They are teaching what works right now, not what worked 5 years ago, like many online business instructors do (my pet peeve:). Get their Income School program here. I bought this program and have learned a lot from these guys.

You can also hire me to help you choose your niche, online strategy, or implement your online business here if you want private coaching. A one hour coaching call with R&J is around $1,500 now. I’m way cheaper, and have been at it about as long. So, you have several options to make this happen.

Look at it like this: You can start an online business for almost nothing. The Income School course is around $450. If you generate a very doable income of $1,000 a month from a website, that equates to dividend income of 3% from a $400,000 portfolio.And income of $2,500 is like dividend income (or 3% retirement withdrawals) on a $1,000,000 portfolio. Here’s what’s awesome, though: websites are an asset you can sell and they don’t require you to tie up any of your capital or put it at risk from bear markets.

How to Sell Covered Calls

Coming Soon. We’re putting the finishing touches on this beginner option program over at Power Cycle Trading so check back.