Are you feeling unsure about exactly where and how your life savings are invested?

Are you thinking of hiring a financial advisor but you don’t know who to trust?

Are you unsure if your investments are doing as well as they should be…or even safe?


Then you’re in the right spot because I can help you! I’ve been personally investing for about 40 years in just about every type of product or service, both alone and with all types of financial professionals. During that time, I managed multiple accounts for family members, and I personally invested in thousands of stocks, bonds, all types of funds, as well as alternative investments, including real estate, oil, and small businesses.

Over the years, I’ve also interviewed, hired, and worked with well over a dozen financial advisors for my family.

As a result, I acquired valuable information that can help you become a confident and successful leader of your wealth, and I’d love to share it with you. I am an Accredited Financial Counselor® but my real knowledge comes from hands-on investing.

Since I don’t manage wealth for others outside of my family (which is rare in investment education),  I am able to share completely unbiased information without an agenda to manage your money, based on the first-hand experience that will help you gain the knowledge and confidence that you want to care for your life savings.

If you don’t understand where and how your money is invested, you could be at risk of making serious mistakes with your life savings and your financial security. At best, you’re giving away your power around YOUR money.

Rather than live with that nagging uncertainty and vulnerability, you can choose confidence and security today by gaining a clear understanding of how and where your money is invested in a Private Investor Consultation with me.

Here’s how it works: After you purchase your session from the button below, you’ll get an email from me within one business day to set up a time to get on the phone or Zoom with me (M-F 9:30-5) from the comfort of your home.

It’s your time to “ask me anything” and I’ll answer as much as we have time for.

What’s the value of your consultation with me? Since your wealth drives your lifestyle, for life, it’s pretty much priceless.

And if you spend a fairly typical 1.50% on wealth management through a retirement account, mutual fund, or financial adviser for a $500,000 account, that’s $ 7,500 every single year!

By comparison, our one hour Investor Consultation is $297.

You’ll gain valuable information and insights that you’ll use for the rest of your life to get the results you want from investing your money vs. only one year of wealth management fees. Plus, you’ll gain the confidence that will allow you to lead your wealth.

For a limited time, I am including my complete Ultimate RISE Wealth Plan program because it is packed with important information we can build upon in our session. 

You’ll get access to the Ultimate RISE Wealth Plan video library with accompanying templates and handouts that take you step-by-step toward financial independence. You can refer to it as often as you need in the years ahead. Clients that have done the Ultimate RISE Wealth Plan before our session have magnified the results from our time together.

Due to my busy schedule, I have a limited number of spaces that fill on a first come first serve basis.

Click the link below to schedule your Investor Consultation and gain access to the Ultimate RISE Wealth program. After you purchase, I’ll contact you within one business day to schedule our time together so you can expedite your journey to financial independence ASAP. 


Here’s the thing: If you’re not leading your wealth, then who is? And what if they’re wrong?  

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