Ready for Retirement Quizzes | 4 Reviewed

Quizzes can be a great way to gain insight and direction quickly.  I scoured the internet for a good ready for retirement quiz for Retire Certain readers. 

Here is what I found.  

The AARP Ready for Retirement Quiz 

Like most of the quizzes here, this quiz is more information based than geared toward whether you have enough money saved to retire. 

Nevertheless, there was some good free information provided from top financial firms backed by huge research departments so we may as well use it.  

(Note: I have no affiliation whatsoever with any of these financial firms at the time of this writing and will note on this website should that ever change.)  

Use this calculator if you want to to take a retirement readiness quiz that: 

  1. Tests your knowledge of retirement planning specifics, like social security and 401K’s (complete with Hints to help you!) 
  2. Gives answers to traditional retirement planning issues  
  3. Teaches you as you take the test in a true and false format 

This isn’t the retirement quiz for you if you want a quiz that: 

  1. Allows you to enter your own personal financial data to see if you have saved enough money to retire 
  2. Has retirement information beyond traditional retirement solutions like social security income or making withdrawals from your retirement account 

The KiplingerAre You Ready to Retire? Quiz 

This quiz dares to venture into often avoided topics like how inflation will eat the purchasing power of your money and running out of money in retirement.  

Instead of a simple True and False format, this retirement quiz challenges you a bit more with multiple choice.   Some of these questions were, admittedly, a little tough (That’s good since we grow when we are challenged!). 

Use Kiplinger’s retirement readiness quiz if you want a quiz that: 

  1. Addresses some hard but realistic facts to help you prepare for retirement 
  2. Invokes strategic planning for how to have more money in retirement 
  3. Makes you do a little work from thinking through the answers 
  4. Directs you to areas you need to learn more about to properly plan for retirement   

This isn’t the right quiz for you if you want a quiz that: 

  1. Requires a little math 
  2. Has entries for your own data and calculates results 
  3. Excludes alternative retirement income solutions like real estate rentals, income from side gigs or part time work 

Wells Fargo’s Ready for Retirement Quiz 

If you want a super fast retirement preparation quiz that is very focused on motivating you to save for retirement this could be it.  

Use this quiz if you want: 

  1. Zero excuse for not taking this quiz since there is little effort needed.  
  2. A retirement quiz that totally nails you if you’re not saving or planning for retirement 
  3. A quiz that’s short and easy to answer 

 This probably isn’t the quiz for you if you:  

  1. Don’t want to use a financial advisor since it steers everyone toward financial advisors, which may not be the best choice for proactive DIY investors 
  2. Want something more than the very basics     
  3. Are looking to see if you have saved enough money for retirement. It doesn’t have any numbers, just multiple-choice questions that lead you to save and invest in stocks and bonds 

The Motley Fool Ready to Retire Quiz 

This is more of an information based quiz with some very helpful retirement planning information based on retiring the traditional method of spending less and withdrawing savings to live 

You’ll like this retirement quiz if you want a quiz that: 

  1. Has practical information, like when can you start collecting Social Security 
  2. Provides helpful information for traditional retirement planning  
  3. Addresses important topics, like health care and retirement withdrawals 

This is not the best retirement quiz for you if you don’t want a quiz with: 

  1. Information that may not be current and thus require a little more research 
  2. That doesn’t answer whether you have saved enough money to retire 

Summary for Ready to Retire Quizzes 

You now have 4 ready to retire quizzes to help you get a better handle on how the various financial aspects of retirement work when added to social security benefits.   

The various quizzes touch on different topics so you may need to look at more than one.  

In late midlife, we started creating income streams when we saw we didn’t want to didn’t want to rely on social security and retirement savings withdrawals to pay our bills.  

Adding another alternative income stream or two can completely change whether you are ready to retire. Read more about that here   


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