Perfect! Now, let’s get the info you requested to you…

1. If you have not gotten anything from us before, please go to your email and find the email from me with the subject line “Please Confirm Your Email”. Open the email and click the button to confirm that you want my report so I can send it to you:)
2. As promised, you’ll also get my popular Wealth Words Newsletter with timely tips and insights about implementing these same wealth building strategies.
3. Warning: You may not get my emails since most email providers decide what to mark as Spam or Promotion. To get the item you requested and my newsletter, take a few seconds to add to your Contacts. Below is how to do this in Gmail, Hotmail, and Yahoo.
(Don’t worry; I won’t bombard you with daily emails! I don’t have time & it’s not my style:)


Gmail: Do the steps in the image below.
Click Not Spam if you see me in your Spam folder.

retire certain newsletter


Look for my email in your Junk Folder. (It’s ok; I’m only slightly insulted.)
You’ll see “This message was identified as spam” at the top.  Click “it’s not spam”.


Go to your Spam Folder and find the Retire Certain email you requested.
Click the little box to the left, then click Not Spam at the top.


how to get retire certain newsletter